28th October 2021

Trinny Talks: The Eye Essentials

all eyes on you

Let’s talk eye makeup – the finishing touch to any look, it’s so important to have a few eye essentials in your arsenal. Thankfully, at Trinny London we have everything you need to create fabulous eyes in no time at all...

For this look I’m starting off with a soft, pretty base using Eye2Eye in Vision. Then I add a little smokiness with Eye2Eye in Strength, creating a subtle eyeliner and then blending it out using my trusty T-Kit 3-in-1 brush set.

Next, I clean up the edges of my smoky look using my BFF Eye serum-concealer, which also helps me look and feel wide awake with its skin-loving active ingredients.

Then comes the pièce de résistance – it’s time to frame my face with our innovative Lash2Brow mascara and tinted brow gel. Using my T-Top mirror for extra precision, I can create luscious lashes and beautiful brows in moments.

Now I’ve brought my eyes into focus, my bold lip feels beautifully balanced and my entire look is complete. So there you have it, ladies and boys – time to let your eyes do the talking...