6th August 2023

Trinny tries: An Instagram-inspired look

Looking for a little makeup inspiration? Join Trinny as she tries out a few new techniques that caught her eye on Instagram.

Feel like stepping outside of your comfort zone today? It’s always good to try something new with your makeup. After watching a few new techniques on an Instagram scrolling session and hearing some tips from her makeup artist friends, Trinny felt inspired and wanted to try out a new look. Fancy giving it a try for yourself? Here’s how she does it…

Trinny starts off by creating a glowing base with BFF SPF 30 Cream, our ultimate skin perfector. This light, luminous formula instantly wakes up tired-looking skin, blending seamlessly with your skin tone and creating sheer, glowy coverage. She then heads in with Just A Touch foundation + concealer and strategically places it around her face to lift and accentuate her features, before blending for an even complexion. To add depth and dimension to her face, Trinny applies Golden Glow cream-based bronzer – our blendable, creamy formula blends seamlessly into her skin, adding shape and sun-kissed warmth.

Next, Trinny creates colour synergy with Flush Blush in Yassi, a deep berry pink shade, applied to her lips, cheeks and eyes. Trinny then applies Lash2Brow, our dual-ended mascara and tinted brow gel, to her eyelashes to lengthen and add volume. To elevate her look, Trinny tries another trick she spotted on social media: an ombré lip. Using Flush Blush in Yassi again, Trinny lines her lips to add definition, then taps Lip Luxe in Eugenie in the centre of her lower lip to finish the gradient effect. Et voilà, a fresh, glowing look in under 10 minutes.

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