Trinny talks Lip Luxe

Let’s talk about lips. Whether you’re a gloss-and-go woman or a bright lip fiend, I believe every woman should consider a lipstick that gives her confidence and lasts all day. Lip Luxe does just that. In this collection, there are three nude shades and three brights. I wear Eugenie as my nude lipstick, and adore pairing it with a smoky eye. It’s such an easy colour and is glorious for dabbing on my cheeks too.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love a bright lip. Whether you want to walk into a room and make a statement or be listened to in a meeting, a bright lip is key. Swainy is my favourite tomato red colour, and brings me joy every time I wear it.

Use our Match2Me to find the right bright lip for you and consider how much oomph it can bring to your face, and how much confidence it can bring to your life…


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