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Trinny London
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Makeup Brushes

From our Pro Makeup Artist-approved T-Brushes to our nifty T-Kit, these mistake-proof makeup brushes are the essential tools you need to create a professional finish, every day. Sleek, chic and perfectly sized, these beauty bag must-haves are the be-all and blend-all of your kit

Blush Brush Video
Blush Brush Video

Brush up on your skills

You know what they say, an artist is only as good as their tools. From our innovative T-Kit to our essential T-Brushes, join Trinny as she talks you through our mistake-proof brushes

How do I clean my T-Brush set?

When you’re on the move, wipe your T-Brushes clean with a tissue

For a quick clean, apply a brush cleaner to the tip of the bristles only and be careful not to get any liquid near the metal as this can loosen the bristles

For a deep clean, use a bar of soap with warm water or gentle shampoo. Remember to angle your T-Brushes downwards under the tap to avoid water pouring into the metal

Pat onto a towel and leave flat to dry