Removes the day

Almond and jojoba oils and natural glycolipids help to remove makeup, SPF and environmental pollution

Boosts radiance

Pineapple enzyme helps to gently exfoliate built-up dead skin cells to reveal natural radiance

Nourishes skin

Our skin nutrient almond, borage and linseed oils leave your skin feeling nourished

Feeds the microbiome

Our prebiotic complex contributes to the perfect environment for your good skin microflora so your skin can find its balance


Application Tips

How to use Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser

  1. Take a moment for yourself and apply two pumps of the product into your hands, spreading it evenly across your fingers and palms

  2. Massage it onto dry face and neck until the formula starts to loosen

  3. Wet skin to activate the enzymes – they will start digesting the dead skin cells

  4. Wet your T-Towel muslin cloth in hot water

  5. Massage the muslin over your skin in circular motions for a little extra exfoliation until you’ve removed the balm

  6. Double cleanse: if you have been wearing makeup and/or SPF, remember to always double cleanse by either repeating this cleanse or following up with our Better Off AHA/PHA Gel Cleanser for satisfyingly clean, nourished skin

After 3 weeks, 89% of women agree their skin looks more radiant*

*tested on 101 women over 4 weeks

92% of women agree it leaves skin feeling nourished*

*tested on 103 women over 4 weeks

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