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Trinny LondonTrinny London
Trinny LondonTrinny London
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""I’m a convert to Trinny Woodall’s quick and easy makeup""
Sali Hughes
""An innovative capsule collection of essentials that can be carried around in neat pots which click together like Lego bricks""
"TRINNY London, addresses two particular quandaries that many of us find frustrating within our beauty routines: time and faff."
Anna Hunter
""The real hero of the range is the BFF cream, radiance-enhancing cream layer which quite literally gives you that glow-from-within." "
Victoria Hall
""Mircale Blur is basically a real life Insta filter""
Gabrielle Dyer
""I am loving the Trinny London make-up, they come in little pots that you can stack together and it’s super simple. It’s creamy, effective and easy to use. I love it because I can use it quickly when I’m running late!""
Emma Gannon
""They say good things come in tiny packages, and this definitely applies to BFF Eye; despite it's tiny size this pot really packs a punch""
Sarah Ilston
""First things first.It’s all about the “Stack”. I think Trinny has nailed it""
Sarah Jossell
""Trinny London is something different – a rebellion of sorts in make-up terms, a brand for people who enjoy make-up, but only insofar as it fits into their life." "
""Trust Trinny london, whose clever, throughful cosmetics have quickly become makeup bag essentials.""
"After working with women for over 25 years, learning from them and helping them flourish, I wanted to create a brand that gave them the tools to be their best everyday, The result is Trinny London, a stackable, portable, curated makeup range. Designed for everyday, for you..."
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Introducing The Stack

Your stackable, clickable, take me everywhere makeup.
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