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Trinny London
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26th January 2021

How To Use Cheekbones With Katie

it's time to contour like a pro

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Do you ever wish you could quickly sculpt and define your features, but feel intimidated by complex contouring methods? You’re not alone. I introduced Trinny London’s Cheekbones range to take the stress and complexity out of contouring – our cream-based shades are supremely blendable, so the only tools you need are your fingers.

Our newest shade, Serena, is a neutral mid-toned beige designed to mimic delicate shadows and flatter your complexion. We used colour science to pinpoint the definitive, universally adaptive shades to define your features in the easiest, most natural way.

It’s never been easier to create a sculpted, defined look that makes most of your features...

Featured Trinny London Products