How to find your perfect hair colour

Josh Wood is here to tell us what we need to know

What makes Josh Wood the best hair colourist in Britain is that he really understands women. Not just his celebrity clientele but REAL WOMEN. The first question Josh has to answer is what tonal family do you sit in- cool, warm or neutral..does this sound familiar ladies? From there he can tell you the right hair shade to compliment your skin and eye colour, when you get this right believe me, you know.

So today in the bathroom, Josh shows you the shades that suit me and why, we show you on two of Josh's clients how with the right hair colour you can choose the right make up which really looks fantastic and we answer all your questions about home colouring, sun proection and going grey..

If you're not sure which hair colour is right for you, you can use Josh's "Match My Shade" service on his website joshwoodcolour.com email a photo which is analysed by a human and they tell you the products you need...

Charlotte's Makeup

Skin:Peaches & Cream/Olive

Hair:Champagne Blonde


For a neutral natural day time eye, ChaCha washed Eye2Eye in Wisdom (£18) over the eyelid and defined the creases and contours with Eye2Eye in Faith (£18). The peachy tones of Lip2Cheek in Lady J (£25) look beautiful on her cheeks. ChaCha used Lip Luxe in Tashi (£22) on her lips, with Lip Glow in Maddie (£16) on top to add gloss. The correct red lip shade for Charlotte is Lip Luxe in Demon (£22), it looks fantastic with her blue eyes.

Products used

Just A Touch in Zandy (£28)

Eye2Eye in Wisdom (£18)

Eye2Eye in Faith (£18)

Lip2Cheek in Lady J (£25)

Lip Luxe in Tashi (£22)

Lip Glow in Maddie (£16)

Lip Luxe in Demon (£22)

Minelle's Makeup

Skin: Dark caramel

Hair: Cool Dark Brown

Eye: Brown

Minelle's base colour over her eye is Eye2Eye in Wisdom (£18) with Eye2Eye in Empress (£18) over the top to warm the tone and detract from the darkness under her eyes. Lip2Cheek in VeeBee (£25) has the right terracotta shade for Minelle with a pop of Lip2Cheek in ChaCha (£25) on top. The pinky tones of Lip Love in Sacha (£24) look beautiful on her lips, with Lip Glow in Thea (£16) muting the brightness and adding gloss on top. The best bright red lip shade for Minelle is Lip Luxe in Swainy (£22) which has so much warmth and brings out those rich tones in her skin and eye.

Products used

Just A Touch in Liv (£28)

Eye2Eye in Empress (£18)

Eye2Eye in Wisdom (£18)

Lip2Cheek in VeeBee (£25)

Lip2Cheek in ChaCha (£25)

Lip Glow in Thea (£16)

Lip Love in Sacha (£24)

Lip Luxe in Swainy (£22)

Josh Wood Everything Mask (£15)

Josh Wood Everything Mask

Everytime I wash my hair I use a mask, either this one or Kerastase. It's so important to nourish your hair everytime you wash it to keep it healthy and shiny. This mask really is EVERYTHING, I highly recommend it.

Josh Wood Permanent Colour 5.0 - Light Brown (£10)

Josh Wood Light Brown Hair Colour

This is permanent hair colour for your roots. No amonia, no PPD. I have taken this and my shade shot on holiday with me. Great way to touch up between appointments.

Josh Wood Shade Shot (£5)

Josh Wood Chestnut Brunette Shade Shot

I love the Shade Shot, sometimes I mix it into my Josh Wood Everything Mask but you mix it with your colour to get the perfect tone for your hair colour.

Josh Wood Darker Brown Dry Shampoo (£10)

Josh Wood darker brown dry shampoo

I love this product, it's a great colour and it's a dry shampoo, use it to cover greys and add volume between washes and colouring..

Redken Clean Maniac Shampoo (£9)

Redken Clean Maniac Shampoo

Great to use to get rid of product build up on the scalp. Josh recommends using it before getting your hair coloured, it will gently strip your hair so only use regularly if you're blonde.


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