Skin Therapy Body Peel

with Dr Julia T. Hunter MD

When Dr Julia T. Hunter MD is in London, I always try to book in an appointment with her. Dr Julia is a renowned holistic dermatologist, and it’s an absolute pleasure every time I see her because I learn so much. I love her philosophy surrounding skincare, and that you can enhance both your inner and outer health. I have used Dr Julia’s products for years, and adore the effect they have on me. My skin feels firmer and tighter, and as I get older, that’s what I dream of…

Although I love my skincare regime at home, this treatment is a professional treatment, and so I would never try this by myself. The aim for today is to reduce the amount of crepey skin on my legs. The skin on the inner thigh is thinner than the rest of your leg, and has a tendency to become crepey as we age. To reduce this process, Dr Julia has 3 steps…

1. Micro-needling

Using a 2mm microneedle, Dr Julia lightly traces across my leg, creating tiny channels in my skin. Whether you have cellulite or are born with crepey skin, the microneedle will help to tighten the skin. The impact of the needle against the skin wakes up the collagen, and helps to produce stem cells.

2. Retinol

After microneedling, Dr Julia uses a strong retinol. This is not available to purchase, as it must be applied by a professional. It stings initially, but once you’re used to it, it’s fine, as it sinks into the channels, and penetrates down into the dermis of your skin.

3. Acid peel

The retinol acts as a barrier between my skin and the acid that’s the final step in Dr Julia’s treatment. The acid will make the top layer of my skin peel away, leaving a renewed layer underneath that will feel soft and less crepey. And as Dr Julia says, we’re simply waking my skin up and helping it come out of retirement.

A week later and my skin has truly started to peel like a snake, and feel as soft as a baby’s. For more information on all of Dr Julia's products and treatments, visit her website here... https://www.juliathuntermd.com/


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