The T-Zone: Susannah Constantine

bamboo toothbrushes and a lyrical finale

I am so thrilled to announce the latest and final episode of The T-Zone as it features Susannah Constantine, my longtime What Not To Wear ally and very close friend. Not to mention Susannah’s many other incarnations as novelist, journalist, general fashion guru and founder of the podcast My Wardrobe Malfunctions. When we worked in tandem, Susannah and I would spend nine months of the year together, often holidaying together too, so it’s safe to say we became extremely close. I would say that we even knew more about each other than our husbands did...

It’s always an absolute joy to see Susannah and together we reminisce about when we first met while also discussing questionable skincare routines, bamboo toothbrushes, Susannah’s penchant for wearing two bras simultaneously, secret shopping and how we moved on from TV. For better or worse, there’s also a very musical round of quick-fire questions. You have been warned…

You can watch the rest of The T-Zone series here on the blog or on Youtube.


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