Our skincare is completely refillable, so no need to throw yours away when you run out. Simply order your refill, reuse your pump and recycle your cartridge.

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How to refill

Time for a top-up

Run out of your favourite? Don’t fret – refills are easy. Watch our quick how-to on refreshing your skincare…


How to refill

Follow the simple steps below to top up your skincare with your new refill

how to refill

Your refill FAQs

Nope, our products are highly active and to maintain their effectiveness the formula needs to be kept away from light and air. This means you need the pump, casing and refill bottle to make the product function.

No, each pump is slightly different depending on the size of the product and the consistency of the formula. It’s wise to double check that you have the correct pump – for example our cleansers have different pumps and are not interchangeable.

Yes, there’s a saving of approximately 20% per product when you buy just the refill. This is because we want to encourage everyone to reuse the canister and pump to save on single-use plastics.

No worries, the packaging works on creating a vacuum so keep pressing for about 20 pumps and your product will come through.

Yes, we recommend keeping your pump clean and free from the old formula. This makes sure there is no contamination from the old product to the new refill when you insert your refill bottle.

To wash out your pump simply fill a sink with warm soapy water and immerse the pump pressing it until the pump runs through with soapy water. Then repeat with clean warm water, and allow to dry before fitting into your new refill. Reusing your pump for as long as possible will save pumps being thrown away unnecessarily.

Drop an email to TLC, our customer service team, at tlc@trinnylondon.com.


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