3rd May 2023

How to add contouring to your makeup routine

Contouring – a word that strikes fear into the heart of beauty novices everywhere. This shape-shifting makeup technique was a staple among drag queens and movie stars for years before making its way into our everyday beauty repertoire, and for some of us, it can still seem a little daunting. But armed with the right tools and techniques, contouring can become a quick and easy step in your makeup routine.

What is contouring?

Contouring is a makeup technique that uses light and shadow to create the illusion of more defined, sculpted facial features. Typically, the technique involves using a bronzer or contour product a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone, and a concealer a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone, strategically placed to enhance the angles of your face.

How to make contouring easy

Anyone who enjoys watching beauty tutorials will know that contouring can look like quite a complex process. There are so many different products involved, including messy powders that can leave your complexion looking muddy if you’re not careful.

The answer to simplifying this technique lies in the formula. Cream-based products – like our Cheekbones contour – make application easy with either your fingers or a brush. The product glides on easily and can be built up slowly so you don’t accidentally overdo it (we’ve all been there), plus there’s no product fallout to ruin your clean white shirt.

Trinny tries a new contour technique

Traditionally, contour is applied after your foundation and before your blusher – but a viral TikTok trend caught Trinny’s eye recently, and she just had to try it out. According to this clever hack, applying your contour, highlighter and concealer first can result in a more natural, laidback finish.

Trinny begins the look with Cheekbones in Serena, our cream-based contour, applying just underneath her own cheekbones and along her jawline. Next up is The Right Light highlighter in Candlelight on the high points of her face and her Cupid’s bow, followed by concealer wherever she feels she needs it.

Once she’s laid the groundwork, it’s time to apply her base. She opts to use a sponge so she can gently tap in the product while blending out the contour, highlighter and concealer at the same time for a seamless finish. The key to contouring is to always remember to blend upwards for a lifted, sculpted look.

To really make her cheekbones pop, she then finishes the technique with a lighter shade of her usual concealer to create a stronger, sharper contrast. And voilà – a quick, fuss-free way to create a sculpted, defined look…

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