10th November 2021

Creating A Full Festive Look With The T-Tones Takeover

watch Katie’s tutorial

All of our limited edition festive gift sets are an absolute joy, and it doesn’t get more joyful than The T-Tones Takeover. This set contains all of your beauty bag staples, with everything you need to create a beautiful base, impactful eyes and glowing lips and cheeks. Watch as our fabulous Pro Makeup Artist Katie creates a full festive look using the T-Tones Takeover set in her chosen shades…

Katie starts with her base, using her BFF SPF 30 Cream to even out her skin tone and give her a glow, then she adds Miracle Blur wherever she wants it to smooth fine lines. Next she brings an uplifting wash of colour to her complexion with her Lip & Cheek T-Tone in the shades Veebee and Emily. The pièce de résistance is her eyes – she applies her Eye2Eye T-Tone in Virtue and Empress for a subtle smoky look, then uses her Lash2Brow to create long lashes and defined brows.

Ladies and boys, it’s time for a total takeover…