Facial massage techniques to awaken your skin

Teaming awakening facial massage techniques with your skincare will help to liven up even the dreariest of complexions. Follow our step-by-step guide.

What are the benefits of facial massage?

Tiredness can show itself on your skin in a number of different ways, whether that’s puffiness, dark circles or an all-round dreary tone. The facial massage techniques in Trinny’s signature wake up massage can help to combat this, awakening your skin in a series of taps, circles and swoops.

Facial massage techniques offer a gorgeous way to bring life to your skin. It not only makes applying your skincare an all-round more joyful and enjoyable experience, but will help to improve oxygen and blood flow. With these much-needed elements brought closer to the surface, skin looks brighter and more radiant, with a lit-from-within glow.

For maximum benefits, follow these facial massage techniques every day when applying your cleanser, serum or moisturiser. Or, if you’re short on time, incorporate as part of your weekly pamper ritual or simply refer back whenever your skin is in need of a boost.

Trinny’s signature step-by-step facial massage to awaken your skin

To give your hands enough slip to massage seamlessly across the skin with no dragging, you’ll need to use a little product. It could be an oil-based balm cleanser, a serum or moisturiser – anything that has enough playtime for you to move around your skin before it absorbs.

Step 1

To begin, apply the product of your choosing all over your face, sweeping your hands across your forehead, cheeks and neck. Wearing something with a low neckline is best as you will need to work across your decolletage and down the back of your neck.

Step 2

Smooth your hands one by one across the jawline, to the ear and down the neck to the decolletage, creating a flow of movement. This will help to start removing any blockages, reducing puffiness in the process. Do it on one side 10 times before moving onto the other.

Step 3

Make little circular motions with your fingertips in front of your ears, working up and around until you reach the back of them. This is targeting and awakening the lymph nodes located here. You might want to give your actual ears a little massage too, pushing them forwards from the back and back from the front.

Step 4

Move onto the back of your neck, using the edge of a slightly cupped hand to press and smooth from the nape of your neck downwards. Do this on both sides.

Step 5

Now it’s time to up the tempo. Sweep a flat hand across your cheeks in fast movements, working from the outer edges of your mouth up to your cheekbones. Repeat the motion 10 times on each side.

Step 6

Travel across the top of your cheekbones with your fingertip, starting from the outer edges of your nose. Press downwards gently, move outwards a little and repeat until you reach your hairline. Imagine it like running your fingers along a hosepipe, you’re pausing to block it, then releasing.

Step 7

Next up, scissoring. This fast-paced movement will help increase blood flow to the face. Rub fingers onto the skin, travelling back and forth across the forehead. You can do this across your cheeks and jowls too. If your eyes are a little sluggish, you can also take the scissoring across the eyebrow.

Step 8

To really awaken the eye area, use the pads of your fingers to hold your eyebrows up and then try to close your eyes. This tension and resistance will activate the muscles. Open and close your eyes around 30 times.

Step 9

Finally, make your hands really fluid and floppy, with no tension. Then in fast, upwards motions, lightly brush the pads of your fingertips across your cheeks. This is not only good for your face, but a fabulous upper-arm workout too.

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