How to choose your perfect makeup shades at home

hand-picked just for you

Ladies and boys, for many years I found myself frustrated by the confusing process of finding the makeup that worked for me. Not only was it nearby impossible to judge from a computer screen what shade of foundation I would be, but feeling educated on the shades that would make my eyes pop and skin glow just wasn't a service I could tap into.

So, when creating Trinny London, I wanted to design a profiling tool that took the faff out of online makeup shopping, and so Match2Me was created.

But we didn't stop there. After helping establish the basic colours that work for you, we worked hard to create a varied Look Book that would provide inspiration for that bold lip, that smoky eye, that fresh face approach that you have always wanted to try but had never been quite brave enough.

Finally we had designed a feature that eliminated confusion, enabled some education along the way, and instilled a confidence in the shopper to buy online knowing that their perfect match would be arriving soon.

Join me as I discuss how easy it is to build a stackable, portable, makeup solution designed perfectly to enhance your natural eye colour, and allow you lips and cheeks to work in perfect synergy.


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