In talks with the renowned holistic dermatologist Julia Hunter

It was an absolute pleasure to be in talks with Dr Julia T. Hunter MD, a renowned holistic dermatologist whose products I have been using for years. I love Julia’s philosophy on skincare and how she encourages the body to able to function effectively for as long as you want to stay in the game.

I am not going to claim to be nearly as much as an expert as Julia (although I tried to soak everything in), so I have provided a small synopsis of some of the things we discussed below for you all.

Take from it what you think will work for you. You needn’t buy every product mentioned, but having knowledge will give you more power over your next skincare purchase. It is, as always, about rethinking your routine…

What are chirally correct products?

Chirally correct simply means that the ingredients used have been purified at the molecular level which in turn, increases the level of communication or bond and helps to improve the overall effectiveness of the particular Chiral ingredient used. WHAT a mouthful. Essentially, they are stronger as you have thrown out the percentage of stuff which is useless/harmful.

When you apply a product, you want your cells to say "oh I know what to do with that" which will encourage them to turn on a good function. This creates an opening for products to penetrate and reach the most cells that need to be revitalized and repaired. The flip side is that when our cells don’t know what to do with something, they have to use energy (which causes inflammation) to figure out what to do with it.

When I asked Julia about how many active ingredients are in high street brands, she estimated 1% or less…(hold your gasps ladies). Although this may sound low, it is important to remember that Julia’s products are professional strength and intentionally very strong.


Chemicals are not bad provided you are using the right ones. Organic is good and less toxic, but as Julia said, we need to think about the original fumes that may still be in the soil in which the item has been growing.

Toxic = inflammatory. This is something which I think is so important to understand as inflammation is what causes certain diseases. Genetically you will have things that inflame you and your skin. Understanding that and how your body communicates this is essential as it will normally be an external reaction. This is where the argument for putting active ingredients onto your skin comes to play.

Does Vitamin C go off?

The much asked question, especially when your Vitamin C starts to take on that orangey colour. We need to understand the difference between something going off and oxidising. As Julia says, Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and so behaves in a unique way. It is part of the reason why Julia advocates a power formula over a liquid one, so that she has a maximal anti-oxidant formulation with chirally correct power and that is fortified with L-Gluathione to help defend, protect and promote health. Julia also reminded me why Vitamin C is so beneficial to apply in the morning, so that I am feeding my cell with the ingredients they need to produce collagen.

Is more better?

I am the biggest offender of this. For any of you that tune in to my lives, you’ll know that for me more is better, so it was very interesting to learn that actually less may be better.

More (according to Julia) is NOT better, because there is only so much your skin can absorb. The receptors in your skin get saturated and then products sit in the extra cellar space… In other words, all the doors are closed, so it sits on the surface of the skin and doesn’t do much… interesting.

The link with our teeth...

Here is something that I hadn’t quite thought about/considered - teeth health. Of course, as we get older the teeth that have been in our mouths since we were still in single digits (if you can remember back that far…) start to become thinner, along side our gums. Immediately, we look at the impact of this on our lips and the dreaded ‘Marionette mouth,’ where the skin is more vascular. I had bonding done on my teeth which consequently widened my mouth however, as the mouth begins to collapse it doesn’t work to compensate for this with lip fillers. You aren’t addressing the real problem… In Julia’s words every tooth embryologically develops from the same bud. If the tooth is sick, the organ is sick, there is a neural, nerve connection which goes on forever here and so teeth health is imperative to overall health. From health comes beauty…


OK, so you all know I like sugar. I have to make a conscious effort to cut it out of my diet and make choices that will satisfy my sugar cravings without being unhealthy. So I will usually indulge in some dark chocolate which is an improvement for me, especially considering the fact that I used to put four sugars in my coffee everyday. Julia however added some scientific depth to my sugar cravings which could originate from my adrenals being low. I am not going to claim that I will cut sugar out entirely, however, making some choices like honey over sugar and suppressing cravings with things like mint tea will be intentions I give myself each day.

For more information on all of Julia's products and treatments, visit her website here... https://www.juliathuntermd.com/


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