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Trinny London
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17th November 2021

Light up your eyes with new Eyetallics

Four shimmering new shades


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Metallic Eyeshade
$24.00 $21.60

Ladies and boys, what an exciting day – we’re welcoming four glorious new shades to the Eyetallics family. Aurora, Persephone, Harmonia and Aphrodite are inspired by our continuing love affair with the Greek and Roman goddesses. They’re incredibly beautiful and romantic shades that evoke tales of old...

Aurora – the goddess of dawn – is a golden peach shimmer that pairs beautifully with the deep dusky rose of Eye2Eye in Chance.

Persephone – the goddess of spring growth and flowers – is a vivid peacock heather shimmer and the shade you’ve all been asking for. Pair with Eye2Eye in Chalice for an iridescent smoky eye.

Harmonia – the goddess of harmony and concord – is a soft metallic rose quartz. Pair Eye2Eye in Strength to strike the perfect tonal balance.

Aphrodite – goddess of fertility and love – is a metallic molten aubergine shade. Pair with Eye2Eye in Dawn for a shimmering champagne accent.

One of my favourite things about Eyetallics is the colour pay-off – the depth of colour is mesmerising, and they won’t crease or smudge, so it’s incredibly easy to dress up your eyes.
Whether you want a soft shimmer or you’re embracing a molten-metallic moment, Eyetallics create maximum impact with minimum fuss. This is your most effortless party eye, even if your party is at home this year.

They’re fun, they’re fabulous – I can’t wait for you to try Eyetallics.