Rethink Your Routine: Episode II Part I

mini makeovers

This week I’m back in Duke of York Square with ChaCha and John to ask some lovely ladies "how often do you rethink your routine?"

Whether you’re studying, working or travelling, I believe it’s so important to take some time and ask yourself if you need to change an aspect of your makeup routine.

You may have had children, changed body shape or skin type over the last few years, without changing the way you do your makeup. We’re here to change that, ladies. To show you how you can change the way you do your makeup, we gave three gorgeous ladies a makeover to make them feel more radiant and confident.

The first lady to rethink her routine was Laura, a gorgeous blonde who was unsure of her skin type and which products she should use to enhance her features. I wanted to stimulate the blood flow around Laura’s face with some facial exercises, before hydrating her skin with our BFF skin perfector. Using BFF Eye, the Vitamin C soothed Laura’s under-eye area, and made her skin look more awake. And after a smudge of Miracle Blur and a hair jujj, Laura was ready to hit the shops with a new, fresher look.

While I made over Laura, ChaCha and John were working on Frankie, a beautiful girl who wanted a more radiant look. John removed her foundation, while ChaCha selected the Just A Touch foundation in a shade that was perfect for Frankie’s skin, hair and eye combination. The light coverage allowed her natural skin to show through, and with a swipe of our Sunlight highlighter, Frankie instantly looked more radiant and said she felt fresher.

Margaret was our third lady who wanted to rethink her routine. She is a natural beauty with incredible cheekbones all the way from New Zealand. I wanted to give Margaret a simple yet modern look, using one product in three different ways. I swiped Lip Love in Sacha on Margaret’s cheeks, lips and eyes to give her a harmonious, put-together look. Don’t be scared to break the rules ladies; you can always consider wearing lip colours on your eyes and cheeks for a subtle and fresh look.

In less than 5 minutes, each lady completely transformed and I could really see their personalities shining through their makeup. So... is it time for you to rethink your routine?"


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