The Trinny Takeover Show: Regina

Season 3 Episode 3

The Trinny Takeover Show is back... The third episode of Season 3 sees the petite Regina, a hard-working mother and carer to her parents, beginning to feel unsure of her own identity. When juggling so many roles at home, we can forget to take a breath and concentrate on what we can do to give ourselves a little burst of confidence every day.

I wanted Regina to celebrate the woman she is today and find the courage to try new things. After a whirlwind day, she underwent a transformation that filled her daughter with nothing but pride. Between a well-matched concealer, a new, bold fringe, and a new (rather sparkly) addition to her wardrobe, join us as we go on an incredible journey that focuses on the importance of being present amongst the chaos of reality, and knowing what works for you.

Regina's Match2Me:

Skin- Olive

Hair- Dark brown

Eyes- Brown

Makeup used on Regina:

BFF Cream in Light-Medium

JUST A TOUCH in Amelia

BFF EYE in Davinia

LIP2CHEEK in Freddie


EYE2EYE in Desire


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