What is skincare Match2Me, and how does it work?

Not sure where to start with skincare? With so much choice out there – and so much scientific jargon to contend with – navigating the beauty maze can be overwhelming. That’s why we made it easy with our Match2Me tool...

Skincare can be confusing

Want to invest in a good skincare routine, but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re skincare obsessed and looking for a new staple to add to your collection? Either way, no one wants to invest in a product only to discover that it does nothing for their skin. As the skincare market continues to grow, it’s becoming even trickier to cut through the noise and find the right products for you – which is why we created our skincare Match2Me tool.

What is Match2Me?

Match2Me is our online tool that builds a curated, easy-to-understand skincare routine just for you. Using information from 3,600 individual profiles, we’ve created a detailed database of skin types, concerns and goals to deliver highly personalised routines that answer your specific needs. For example, if you have combination skin, you’re starting to notice fine lines and experiencing breakouts, Match2Me will create a routine that will help you tackle all of those features in tandem. Think of Match2Me as your personal guide through the skincare maze, pointing you in the right direction.

Why we created Match2Me

Skincare Match2Me joins our existing makeup Match2Me tool, which helps you find your perfect makeup shades. We chose to expand the tool to include skincare for three key reasons…

1. Rethinking your skincare routine

When was the last time you reassessed your skincare routine? Have you been buying the same cleanser, toner and moisturiser for years without ever wondering if they’re really right for your complexion? Our skin changes over time, and what may have worked wonders for your complexion five years ago may no longer be doing the trick. There are advancements in technology and ingredients too, with more exciting products on the market. Our ethos here at Trinny London has always been about helping you rethink your routine, and skincare is no different. Once you really get to grips with your skin’s specific needs and discover the ingredients that will help you meet them, you’ll be amazed at the transformation.

2. Simplifying a complex industry

It feels as if the beauty world is becoming more and more focused on skincare – and that’s great news for our skin health. But it also means that we’re being bombarded with scientific jargon from all angles, and it can be overwhelming. Once you’ve completed your Match2Me, you’ll receive a full morning and evening skincare routine based on your unique needs, which explains exactly how to use each product. It’s skincare made simple, with no research or further reading required.

3. Making online ordering stress-free

We know that it can feel risky to order skincare products online without testing them out at the beauty counter or asking for advice in-store first. Match2Me will only suggest products that are formulated for your skin type, level of sensitivity and goals, so you’ll never make the wrong choice. Plus, we’ll send you a reminder to order refills when you’re running low on your new skincare staples.

Why it’s so difficult to get your skincare right

Have you ever invested in a so-called wonder product that claims to solve all your skincare woes, only to find it completely utterly underwhelming? It’s easier than you might think to fall into the skincare trap – here are a few reasons why:

You don’t know your skin type

This might seem like an obvious one, but a lot of people either aren’t sure what their skin type is (dry, oily, combination or normal), or, even if they do, they don’t know which products are best suited to that skin type. Each skin type has specific needs, such as moisture for dry skin, and keeping these needs in mind will help you to avoid making a misstep.

You’re not sure what ingredients to look for

Can’t tell your BHAs from your PHAs, or your retinols from your retinals? The world of skincare ingredients is confusing, and it can feel like you need a chemistry degree to navigate it. Match2Me takes that stress away, explaining which key ingredients you need and why, as well as how to incorporate them into your routine.

You’re not listening to your skin

If there's one cardinal skincare rule, it’s this one – you need to listen to your skin. If you’re using a strong formulation such as a retinoid and find yourself experiencing sensitivity or irritation, take a step back. Patience is key for building up a tolerance to the stronger stuff – it’s best to start off slow and steady, increasing your usage over time.

You’re not being consistent with your routine

Whether you’re doing a full five-step regimen or just going for a simple cleanse and moisturise routine, the most important thing is consistency. You won’t see results if you just dabble in skincare every now and then – you need to give your products a chance to get to work transforming your skin.

How to complete your skincare Match2Me

Not a skincare expert? No problem. We’ve made skincare Match2Me simple for even skincare novices – and the best part is, it takes less than three minutes to complete.

Step 1

Go to the Match2Me page on our website and select Match2Me skincare.

Step 2

Tell us your age – we promise we’re not being nosy, it’ll help us determine which products are right for your skin.

Step 3

Answer a few simple questions about your skin type, sensitivity and concerns.

Step 4

Discover your curated skincare routine, as well as a simple breakdown of what every single product will do for your skin.

Step 5

Save your profile – we can also email it to you so that you can refer back to it.

Top tips for using skincare Match2Me for friends and family

Choosing the right skincare for a loved one can be even more nerve-wracking than buying for yourself – do they have sensitive skin, do they prefer a balm or a gel cleanser, do they already have a retinoid in their routine? Everyone’s skincare needs are unique, so finding the perfect gift can be tricky. Thankfully, Match2Me has got you covered.

When completing Match2Me on their behalf, think about a few key factors. Are there any hormonal changes affecting their skin, such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause? Do they ever react to skincare products? What are they most concerned about – blemishes, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles? The more you consider both their skin concerns and skin goals, the more accurate the results will be. If you’re nervous about getting it wrong, you could even ask them to fill out the routine themselves and forward you their results email.

How often do you need to update your skincare Match2Me?

From teenage acne to the menopause and beyond, your body goes through many hormonal changes throughout your life, and your skin changes with it. Whenever you feel that there’s been a change in your skin – whether that’s texture, pigmentation, hormonal breakouts or anything in between – update your Match2Me so that we can give you the most accurate recommendations for whatever your skin is going through.

Ready to find your perfect skincare routine?

Over one million people have already found their perfect match with makeup and skincare Match2Me – are you ready to find yours?

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