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Trinny London
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Our Story

Trinny Woodall

Building on 20+ years of experience working with women all over the world, Trinny Woodall founded Trinny London in 2017 with the mission to give every individual the confidence to be their best. Banishing overflowing makeup bags for good, we introduced a streamlined solution called the stack: cream-based, multitasking little pots of joy that click seamlessly together. With the help of our innovative Match2Me profiling tool, in under five minutes we’re able to highlight the perfect shades for your exact combination of skin, hair and eye colours. From T-Top stackable mirrors to skincare-makeup hybrids, we’re constantly innovating and we’re proud to be one of Europe’s fastest-growing beauty brands. Welcome to the ultimate easy, modern, personalised, premium makeup brand: Trinny London.

Welcome To

The Team

It takes a team to build a brand. As our vision expands, our numbers increase, and it seems that our office space shrinks by the day. New offices beckon soon, but right now we are focused on working all hours, to bring you TRINNY LONDON...

Founder and CEO

Trinny Woodall

Chief Operating Officer

Mark McGuinness

Chief Marketing Officer

Shira Feuer

Chief Technology Officer

Taher Khaliq

Head of NPD and Operations

Claire Byrne