What are skin perfectors – and what do they do?

Achieving gorgeous, glowing skin is easy with a skin perfector in your beauty arsenal.

What are skin perfectors?

Using a skin perfector is a bit like waving a magic wand over your complexion. It’ll blur dark marks, help to cover redness and replace dullness with radiance in a flash. Some formulations come with extra benefits too, such as adding hydration to the skin or protecting from UV rays. Ultimately, skin perfectors are the shortcut to healthy-looking skin, perking up your complexion quicker than you can say “foundation”.

Speaking of foundation, a skin perfector is a very different proposition. Unlike foundation which is designed to provide coverage, a skin perfector is more subtle and less pigmented. If they were fabrics, a foundation would be a piece of satin, and a skin perfector would be a sheer piece of silky chiffon.

As skin perfectors are lighter, you don’t need to worry about disrupting the colour – something that’s especially helpful if you experience hot flushes. “If you do find you sweat a lot during the day then the more foundation you have on your skin, the more you’ll be able to see it coming off,” says Katie Levy, Pro Makeup Artist at Trinny London. “So by having instead something that’s very lightweight but still evens out your skin tone, you’ll feel much more comfortable. You can keep applying your skin perfector once your skin is dry too.”

What’s the difference between tinted moisturisers and skin perfectors?

Skin perfectors and tinted moisturisers are similar, but not the same. The aim of a skin perfector is to provide soft coverage and glow to the skin as well as delivering additional benefits like sun protection. Tinted moisturisers, on the other hand, are formulated to moisturise and nourish the skin, as well as providing barely-there coverage. They can be used as an alternative to a moisturiser, or in addition if your skin is especially dry.

Why your skin perfector should include SPF

It’s hard to be vigilant about something you can’t see, but UV rays are present all year round. We tend to be more aware of them during the summer months, when UVB rays are at their highest. UVB rays are the shortest and strongest of the UV rays and are responsible for skin burning, as well as the majority of skin cancers. They’re the kind we really feel on our skin, and are strongest during the middle of the day. UVA rays are a little more sneaky. They’re present all year round (yes, even during the winter) and their longer wavelength means they can even penetrate through glass. UVA rays are responsible for the majority of skin ageing, triggering things like hyperpigmentation and fine lines. To properly shield your skin, you need to be wearing a broad spectrum SPF, which protects your skin from both UVB and UVA rays. Having a skin perfector that includes this will mean one less step in your routine, providing glow-giving and skin-shielding results all at once.

“The lovely thing about Trinny London BFF SPF 30 Cream is that if you want to top up your sun protection when you’re out and about then this is a product you can apply over makeup,” says Katie Levy. “It’s not going to cause any issues or make your skin look cakey.” You just might want to touch up the other elements like blusher, bronzer and highlighter which might have been diluted during the re-application of your skin perfector.

Where does a skin perfector fit into your routine?

“Your skin perfector sits right at the start of your makeup routine because that’s when you’re prepping and protecting the skin,” says Katie. “In the case of Trinny London BFF SPF 30 Cream, you’re giving your skin that lovely natural glow and protecting it from damage.”

For some people, just very subtle, lightweight coverage will be enough, and your skin perfector will be as far as you go when it comes to base. If you’re feeling less skin confident, you might want to build up your base with serum foundation, or by applying concealer to target specific areas like under-eye circles or blemishes.

Whichever you choose, the key is to work in light layers. Piling on a large amount of product will not only look unnatural, but can impact its staying power. It’s better to take the time to buff and blend a little product into the skin rather than smother on vast amounts that will just sit on top of your complexion.

What our BFF SPF 30 Cream does

Trinny London BFF SPF 30 is the skin perfector you need in your routine. It’s the ultimate base product, protecting your skin and laying the foundations for the rest of your makeup. Microencapsulated pigments blend beautifully with your skin tone, giving a fresh, natural hint of tint. If you want to build up coverage with other products on top, you can, but this alone will be enough to blur imperfections and brighten your complexion. Added SPF 30 protects skin from UV rays to help prevent damage to its texture, tone and all-around health.

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