How To Care For Your Tool

When it comes to skincare tools, hygiene is a non-negotiable. Discover how to make the most of your new routine as we get down to the nitty-gritty of microneedle maintenance.

The Plump Up Microneedle is your solution for healthy-looking skin that springs back. Not only does this clever little tool function as a cheerleader for your skin’s collagen, it also targets your overall skin tone and texture, and enhances serum absorption for top-notch results.

Impressive, right?

By following these care guidelines, you’ll both extend the lifespan of your skincare tool and ensure that it continues to bring joy to your skincare routine…

How often do you change the head?

The Plump Up Microneedle comes equipped with a specialised and replaceable barrel head; this is designed to be as effective as possible thanks to a high-count, compact distribution of teeny-tiny needles.

With repeated use over time, these needles will inevitably start to blunt. To experience the full benefits of this at-home treatment and ensure maximum hygiene, it is essential that you discard and replace the barrel head after 24 uses (remember to make a note!). To do so, simply remove the existing head and snap on a new one.

Side note: if you drop your microneedle without having replaced its protective cap, you’ll need to replace the head before using it again!

How to clean your Plump Up Microneedle

Keeping your Plump Up Microneedle clean and hygienic is an absolute must. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance is also the key to helping you achieve optimal results.

Before using your microneedle

After ensuring that your hands are clean and bacteria-free, it’s important that you cleanse your face. If you wear makeup or SPF, we recommend double cleansing to remove any trace of product from your skin. Once this step is complete, prep your microneedle by rinsing the head with warm water and shaking off any excess.

After using your microneedle

Hold the Plump Up Microneedle Cleaner Spray approximately 10 cm away from your microneedle and spray the entire head with 2–3 sprays. There’s no need to rinse once the head is completely covered. Finally, replace the protective cap before storing.

Where to store your microneedle

It’s essential that you do not share your microneedle with anybody else. This will lead to the cross-contamination of bacteria, which can put you at risk of infection. Keep your microneedle somewhere safe, away from curious hands and out of the reach of children.

When you aren’t using the Plump Up Microneedle, it’s important that you remember to always replace the protective cap over the head. This cap provides a barrier between the needles and your surfaces – it’s essential to avoid blunting the needles and to protect them from coming into contact with any unwanted bacteria.

Products to avoid after microneedling

Our Plump Up Microneedle is a must-have when it comes to enhancing product absorption and getting the best results from your Plump Up Peptide and Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This is because the microneedle creates little microchannels in your skin which leads to better absorption of your hydrating serum – giving you a gorgeous plump complexion.

Some products, however, aren’t meant to be absorbed so deeply into your skin and should be temporarily avoided after using this skincare tool.

It’s important that you use your Plump Up Microneedle in the evening so that your skin has enough time to relax before you apply SPF the next morning.

This also means that the microchannels in your skin have time to close back up before you apply any makeup – makeup should go on and not into your skin!

Avoid skincare ingredients such as retinal, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and vitamin C for at least 24 hours after microneedling. It’s essential that you focus on being kind to your skin after microneedling, and we don’t want to over-sensitise it by using strong, active ingredients. We’d also recommend taking at least a one month break after every eight weeks of microneedling to give your skin the opportunity to rest and regenerate.

The moral of this story (and the secret to a happy microneedle) is that radiant skin requires cleanliness and proper skincare tool maintenance. So keep the cap on, keep your tool clean, and let your beautiful skin shine with the Plump Up Microneedle.