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How to cover redness with Katie

remember to put a natural flush back in your cheeks

For those of you whose skin may be partial to redness, our fabulously talented Trinny London Pro Makeup Artist Katie is here to show how just a handful of products can even out your skin tone for a finish that’s both flawless and natural.

Starting with BFF SPF 30 Cream, our porcelain flower extract-infused formula instantly works to tone down redness and leaves a wonderful glow on the skin. Then, for more targeted coverage, Katie applies BFF De-Stress tinted serum and Just A Touch, our foundation/concealer, in the areas where she suffers the most – and as she blends, any lingering redness instantly dissipates for an undetectable, radiant finish.

The finishing touch is a wash of our summery-coral Lip2Cheek in Veebee on the apples of the cheeks. Katie brings real depth and freshness to her complexion, all without highlighting any underlying redness.

There you have it ladies and boys, Katie’s four simple steps to flawless skin…