Makeup of the week: using the new and improved T-Kit

a smoky eye just got even easier to perfect

This week’s makeup is all about a smoky eye and soft pink lip using our new and improved T-Kit brush set (I’m so excited that it’s back)...

The question is, how smoky can you go? With the T-Kit, the possibilities are limitless. It depends heavily on your confidence levels and I’ve grown to love a very smoky eye. I start here with Eye2Eye in Faith as a neutral-brown base and then using the chiselled line brush in my T-Kit, I can articulate the direction I want my smoky eye to go and introduce a tidy flick.

To dial up the drama I go in with the dark-granite Universe and smoke out the shadow using my smudge brush. For my lips, a pared-back, my-lips-but-better-nude balances the drama of my eyes. Then a fresh wash of rosy Flush Blush in Katrin on my cheeks complements the cool tones on my eyes and lips – so my whole colour palette is perfectly in sync.

So there you have it, with our new and improved T-Kit you can do beautiful precision makeup and achieve that perfect smoky eye with ease...