Visioning your future meditation with Sanjai

follow your own personal journey in this guided meditation with Sanjai

The meditation starts at 7:48

This time with Sanjai we are doing a meditation all about visioning your future. I used to do quite a few of these sessions with Sanjai, where he would guide me through a personal issue or aspiration through mediation. This session was equally as helpful and interesting despite it being very broad and accessible to all. I pictured myself in Central Park as I am looking to go to America later this year…

To begin with, as always, make sure you’re in a comfortable position. Let your body move into that comfortable position. For example I hate to sit in the crease of a sofa and need to be sat upright but relaxed so I place two cushions behind my back.

It’s great to take a few minutes everyday to mediate but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t find the time. There is no right or wrong time of day to practice meditation.

Imagine your future, with optimal health and energy. Make sure to follow your own personal journey. Think and surround yourself with people who you enjoy connecting with. We are all creative people with creative energies; Think of new ideas, new horizons. You can make simple actions everyday to achieve your ultimate goals. Imagine the life you’d like to be living. Expand your horizons and harness creative energy.

Finish with a deep breath of gratitude…

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