Why makeup wipes are bad news for your skin

Bad news for the quick-fixers: makeup wipes are not an effective way of cleansing your skin.

Makeup wipes are not a substitute for proper cleansing

There’s no denying the convenience of being able to swipe a wipe over your face anytime, anywhere, but unfortunately it won’t cut it compared to a proper cleanse and rinse at the sink. Think of it like spritzing on deodorant after a sweaty workout in lieu of a shower. Wipes serve as a stopgap, but not a solution to the problem.

Makeup wipes are also bad news for the environment as many are not biodegradable, meaning they can’t break down.

Why are makeup wipes bad for your skin?

Makeup wipes are the illusionists of the skincare world. They give the appearance of cleaning your skin by picking up surface-level grime and makeup, but what they’re not doing is diving deep into pores and giving them a proper clean. Over time, this left-behind debris builds up, robbing your skin of radiance and leaving blackheads and breakouts in its wake.

Not only are wipes leaving daily grime behind, they’re also leaving surfactants (cleansing agents) on your skin. In some cases, these can be too strong for sensitive skin to tolerate for prolonged periods of time, leading to irritation. Another reason why a rinsing after cleansing is always best.

Have you ever noticed that it’s difficult to remove mascara with a makeup wipe? It requires a lot of pulling and stretching of the skin to get the job done. You’re likely to damage the delicate skin that surrounds the eyes, as well as lose a few eyelashes in the process. Suddenly using a makeup wipe feels like one more wine at the end of an evening out – a good idea at the time, but a decision you’ll regret in the morning.

Still feel you’re too busy for a proper cleanse? We get it. So, instead of waiting until you’re ready to fall asleep, take off your makeup and wash your face as soon as you get home. Using joyous, sensorial products will help too, making the time you spend cleansing something to look forward to, rather than an inconvenience.

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