Finding the perfect coverage for you

let’s touch base

One question I’m often asked is: how much base do I need to put on my skin?

There really isn’t one answer – we all wake up on different days needing different things. On days when I think my skin is looking nice and I haven’t got spots or redness or pigmentation, BFF SPF 30 Cream is enough for a lovely glow and protection from everyday exposure to UV rays.

Then there are days that I wake up and I’m looking tired – that’s when I’ll use BFF Eye serum-concealer to hydrate, brighten and depuff my under-eye area.

When I’ve been feeling stressed, and that stress is showing on my skin, our BFF De-Stress tinted serum is brilliant to really neutralise the effects of that stress and provide radiant coverage.

Finally, when I want a very polished look I use Just A Touch for targeted coverage – it effortlessly covers redness, pigmentation and acne with the smallest amount of product.

Consider adapting your coverage to what your complexion needs. With the right base, there really is no such thing as a bad skin day...