How to look after your skin in your 30s

Let’s be honest, your 30s can be a bit of a shock to the system. They tend to be a decade of change, the signs of which are visible in your skin too.

If your 20s are your party years, then your 30s are the years when you work hard and play hard all at once. There’s potential for some pretty significant life changes too, from promotions and career switch-ups to marriages and moving home.

While you’re busy trying to balance your to-do list, your skin is undergoing its own changes. Levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin slowly start to decrease around this time. You won’t notice a dramatic change as you blow out your birthday candles, but you may begin to notice that skin feels drier than before, with fine lines taking up a more long-term residency around your eyes and across your forehead.

What worked for your skin in your 20s may no longer suit it, and that’s ok. Think of it like this – you probably wouldn’t want to go back to the same bars you frequented when you were 21 now either. Change is a good thing, and we’re here to help you navigate it.

How to care for your skin in your 30s

You’ve got enough going on without implementing a whole new skincare routine, but paying attention to these three key areas can make a huge difference:

Manage stress

There’s no question about it, stress has a huge impact on your skin. It causes levels of the hormone cortisol to spike, putting your body into fight or flight mode. It prioritises sending blood and oxygen to your vital organs, meaning there’s little of the good stuff left for your skin. Cortisol also increases oil and inflammation, meaning you might find yourself more prone to breakouts and blemishes.

Helping to care for your mind will help your skin. We know it’s easier said than done, but try to carve out moments of “me time” in your day. It could be having a bath, reading a book, or making the application of your skincare into more of a ritual.

Stay hydrated

Noticed that your previously plump and fresh complexion feels thirsty and tight? Depleting levels of hyaluronic acid are likely to blame. The good news is, these levels can be easily topped up with topical products. A single molecule of hydrator hyaluronic acid can hold up to a 1000 times its own weight in water, drawing in moisture from the atmosphere and holding it in your complexion. Think of it like taking a big, greedy glug of water after an exercise class. For an extra boost, follow with a moisturiser to really seal that hydration in.

Prevent premature ageing

Starting to notice that your skincare is not addressing specific signs of ageing? The slow decline of collagen and elastin in the skin leads to things like fine lines and wrinkles becoming long term fixtures. Now’s the time to get ahead of the game and introduce retinoids and peptides to your routine. Both help encourage the production of collagen, helping skin to retain and restore its plumpness and bounce. Retinoids are punchy ingredients, so introduce slowly to avoid irritation.

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