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Retinal⁺ Serum

Overnight Sensation

Bring energy and life back to skin that’s lost its oomph with our ultimate intense retinoid treatment. This high-dose complex harnesses the power of both retinal+ (an advanced form) and intelligent granactive retinoid® to visibly firm skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Expect the transformative results of commonly used retinol with none of the side effects (peeling is a thing of the past). A true overnight sensation – get ready to reawaken the skin you loved. Refillable


Visibly renewed, ageless skin


All skin types, 40+ years


Wrinkles + loss of firmness


Results without the drama

PM cleanse/serum/moisturise
Always use an SPF in the mornings when using a retinoid
Remember: retinals are a no-go if you're pregnant or breastfeeding


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Visibly reduces fine lines

Our next-generation retinal works to bring fresher, clearer skin to the surface, visibly reducing fine lines and dark marks in the process. Unlike commonly used retinol which causes irritation on the top of the skin, retinal doesn’t start to work its magic until it has penetrated the surface - meaning no more flaking like a croissant

Renews skin appearance

To supercharge the benefits, we’ve added a second form of vitamin A, granactive retinoid®. This non-irritating retinoid works hand in hand with the retinal to encourage cell turnover and reduce the appearance of fine lines, leaving skin smooth and plump

Visibly firms skin

Bacillus ferment is the antidote to sagging skin, lifting and firming for a more toned appearance. Turns out gravity isn’t inevitable after all…

Replenishes moisture

Taking a two-pronged approach to retaining moisture, vitamin F supports our skin’s barrier while cellular oil smooths and nourishes – think healthy ozone layer = healthy, protected planet

Application tips

How to use Overnight Sensation Retinal+ Serum

  1. Apply one pump to your face as part of your evening routine, avoiding your eye area (after cleansing)

  2. Use twice a week and gently build up to nightly use. Always listen to your skin and use less frequently if you experience any irritation

  3. Remember, consistent use will give you the best results

  4. SPF is your BFF: when using a retinoid it’s important to use an SPF like our BFF SPF 30 Cream every morning to keep your skin protected

  5. You’ll notice that our formula is yellow - this is down to the high concentration of active retinal. To avoid any colour transferring to your pillows, give it a few minutes to sink in before heading to bed

79% of women agree their wrinkles appear reduced after 8 weeks*

*In a user trial for Overnight Sensation of 122 women conducted over 8 weeks

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