How to cleanse with a cloth for smoother skin

Are you ready to take cleansing your skin to the next level? Learning how to cleanse with a cloth is a simple yet effective way to elevate your face washing routine.

Why should I cleanse with a cloth?

Cleansing our skin is something we do every single day, and is as second-nature as brushing our teeth. But for most, it’s the least exciting part of our skincare routine. Cleansing doesn’t offer the tingle of an exfoliant or the wow-factor of a serum. But trust us when we say that good, proper cleansing can make one of the biggest improvements to your complexion. First stop? Learning how to cleanse with a cloth.

Cleansing with a cloth has a number of benefits. It will help to gently exfoliate your skin for a smoother, clearer complexion, as well as reducing congestion by ensuring you’ve scooped up every last trace of daily grime, SPF and makeup. It also helps to transform washing your face into something more akin to a daily ritual rather than purely routine, offering up a moment of “me-time” as you treat your skin to some TLC.

Think of cleansing like brushing your teeth. Haphazardly sweeping a manual brush around for 30 seconds is the equivalent of swiping at your skin with a face wipe, diligently hitting the two minute marker with an electric toothbrush is the same as proper cleansing with water, and cleansing with a muslin cloth is remembering to floss too. And we all know which we should be aiming for.

The type of cloth you choose is up to you, but here at Trinny London we favour a muslin cloth. They’re just textured enough to gently exfoliate the skin and their lightweight composition means they dry quickly too – an important factor as you should be washing your cloth after every use.

You can cleanse with a cloth morning and night, and with any cleanser. But for the most luxurious experience, we recommend using your muslin with a balmy, oily-based cleanser.

How to cleanse with a cloth

Follow this guide to learn how to cleanse with a cloth:

Step 1

Begin by massaging your cleanser into your skin. Depending on how much time you have, you might want to take a moment here to really work in your cleanser, sculpt your muscles and release any tension in the face. Add a little water to emulsify the cleanser.

Step 2

Wet your muslin cloth in warm water. Lean back, and place the muslin over your face. Gently press the muslin into your skin for a relaxing moment of calm as you enjoy the feeling of the warm muslin and the scent of your cleanser.

Step 3

Put the muslin back under warm running water before massaging it over your skin, working in circular motions. Pay special attention to any areas of roughness or congestion that might need extra exfoliation, and don’t forget the nooks and crannies such as the side of your nose.

Step 4

If you have been wearing makeup or SPF, double cleanse by either repeating the process or using a different cleanser. This will ensure that your skin feels satisfyingly clean.

Step 5

Once you have finished your cleanse, rinse your muslin with warm water. Pop your cloth in the wash, and dry it properly too, after every use to keep bacteria at bay.

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