How to look less tired with makeup

No sleep? No problem. If your face is showing evidence of last night’s shenanigans, here are our top tips on how to look less tired with makeup.

Why do I look so tired?

Ugh, Monday. While it may be tempting to hit snooze again and get some more shut-eye, a full night of beauty sleep isn’t always achievable. Between long hours at work, juggling kids and general life stresses, a whole eight hours is sometimes something that only dreams are made of.

We’ve all been there – dark circles, dull skin and a painful blemish that wants to tell the world we hardly slept. But it isn’t just a lack of Z’s that can lead us to looking tired, there’s a whole host of reasons why our skin could be looking more than a little worn out. Genes can play a huge part in whether you have dark circles below your eyes. If your parents have them, it’s more likely you will too. As we age our skin starts to thin, meaning the blood vessels surrounding our eyes become more obvious and under-eye fat pads can cast shadows across our face, emphasising, or creating the illusion of, dark circles. The effect of dehydration on our skin is a tale as old as time – not drinking enough water not only leaves our skin thirsty, but it can also lead to our complexion appearing more sallow, in turn highlighting those pesky dark circles. If you’d like to learn how to look less tired with makeup, read on…

How to look less tired with makeup

When you don’t have time for a catnap (and don’t fancy another large cup of coffee), here are our expert-approved top tips for how to look less tired with makeup, leaving you looking bright-eyed, fresh-faced and seemingly well-rested.

Opt for a radiant concealer

While it may seem obvious to go in with a thick layer of coverage to disguise dark circles, more isn’t always better. “Dark under-eyes are always the biggest giveaway of tiredness”, explains Maryam, Pro Makeup Artist at Trinny London. “Go in with a light layer of under-eye concealer, something with radiant coverage and skin-loving ingredients, then gently tap and blend with your ring finger to get the blood flowing”. Opt for a concealer with a Zamac tip (such as BFF Eye) to instantly cool and soothe sluggish, dark under-eyes – for an extra boost, pop it in the fridge first.

Create a dewy base

Choosing a radiant, dewy base rather than matte coverage can help your skin look instantly more awake. “Tired, dehydrated skin loves dewy coverage” explains Maryam. Choose a skincare-makeup hybrid packed full of skin-loving ingredients, such as BFF De-Stress, to help give your skin a boost. It’s formulated with our exclusive NP-TriOXTM Technology to help manage the effects of stress on the complexion – a win-win for sleepy skin. Blending some fresh cream blush onto your cheeks will help lift and wake up your face (while drawing attention away from puffy under-eyes). Where to apply blush depends on your face shape, so take this into consideration too.

Avoid dark colours

If black eyeliner is your comfort blanket when it comes to makeup, you might want to think again. “Wearing darker colours around the eyes makes them look smaller” explains Maryam, “Whereas lighter colours open up the eyes and help you look more awake”. Opt for lighter cream eyeshadow shades, such as champagne and cream, as well as soft shimmers to help bring your eyes to life. Highlighter will help too. Not sure where to apply highlighter? Blend a small amount into the corners of your eyes with your little finger for an effortless, brightening boost. “For your lips, something glossy with a slight shimmer will help you look fresher”, suggests Maryam. If lipstick or gloss isn’t your thing, a swoosh of moisturising balm will help fight dehydration and give your lips a subtle shine.

Frame your face

While grooming your eyebrows may feel like an optional step in a rushed morning routine, giving your arches a little attention can help fight those late-night giveaways. “Grooming your brows gives your face structure and a lift as it opens the eyes and helps to frame your face.” explains Maryam. Whether you simply run a spoolie through your brows to tame and shape or you prefer to head in with some tinted brow gel to add instant colour and definition, perfecting your arches helps to create a fresh-faced, put-together look, whether you had your full eight hours or not.

How to look less tired without makeup

We’ve learnt how to look less tired with makeup, but to bounce straight out of bed looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning, you’ll need more than that. Consider some lifestyle tweaks to help you feel fresh from the moment you open your eyes.

Enjoy your skincare routine

We fully encourage indulging in your skincare routine as an excuse for some me-time, and it’s equally as important when you’re looking a little tired. “When applying your serum and moisturisers, make sure to massage your skin” explains Maryam, “This will get the blood pumping and make your skin look more awake”. Using products with nourishing, hydrating ingredients will also help fight any dehydration that is making your skin look sleepy, and a liquid exfoliant will help banish dulling dead skin cells.

Eat well and hydrate

We know, we know, you’ve heard this one before. We’re really not exaggerating when we say eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water will transform how you look and feel. Just like the rest of your body, your skin can show signs of dehydration, such as dullness, sallow under-eyes and more noticeable fine lines, so make it your daily mission to squeeze in the recommended six to eight glasses of water. Not only will eating an unbalanced, unhealthy diet leave you feeling sluggish and worn out, but your skin will show it too. An unhealthy diet high in sugar and processed foods can lead to inflammation, breakouts and premature signs of ageing. Aiming for a plate that feels bright with colour, rather than boring and beige, is a great place to start.

Drink less alcohol

Drinking excess alcohol can lead to swelling and puffiness, especially under your eyes, which when combined with dark circles can result in seriously sleepy-looking skin (not to mention the hangover). If you are drinking, make sure to stay hydrated and have a glass of water too to counteract alcohol’s dehydrating effects.

Find a new position

Bad news for side sleepers – sleeping on your side can cause fluid to build up under your eyes, leading to more noticeable, puffier eye bags. Sleeping on your back or stomach can help reduce the effects, as well as grabbing yourself another pillow. Sleeping with your head elevated can help drain fluid that would normally pool around your eyes during the night to help minimise puffy eye bags.

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