Makeup of the Week: A Loud Outfit

balance is key

There are days when the only thing that will do is an outfit that’s bright and bold and beautiful – something that simply gives you joy. But maybe, like my joyous neon and sequin combo here, the whole ensemble is a little louder than you are. In this instance, what I really need is makeup that has an immaculate finish – I want my complexion to look and feel absolutely flawless.

That’s why today’s makeup of the week is all about skin. As always, I start off with BFF SPF 30 Cream to even out my skin tone and, most importantly, because every single day I want to wear SPF protection. Next up is BFF De-Stress, our fabulous tinted serum. Two pumps of this will provide me with all the radiant coverage that I need, while a touch of BFF Eye treats my dark circles and Miracle Blur just fades away any enlarged pores and fine lines – et voilà, my base has the most flawless finish. For the rest of my look, a strong brow is key to bring structure to my face and a rich, plummy wash of colour on my lips and cheeks, plus lashings of mascara, ensure that the vivacity of my loud outfit doesn’t leave me looking washed out.

So there you go ladies and boys, that’s how to make sure you always wear your outfit, and it doesn’t wear you…