The ultimate gift guide: Trinny’s all-time favourites

Whether you’re looking for a petite treat or a grand gesture, our joyful gift sets are guaranteed to please. Curated by Trinny, these glowing gifts are sure to spark joy in everyone on your list (and that includes you).

The gift collection

Your to-gift list called, and Trinny answered with her ultimate edit of all-time favourites. Our limited edition sets are so stylishly packaged, there’s no extra wrapping required (phew) – just call Trinny your little helper…

For the busy parent

Whether it’s juggling kids, a missed alarm or a forgotten dentist appointment, sometimes a speedy makeup look is necessary. For the loved one who is always in a rush, give the gift of an effortless routine with our Bright-eyed set. Featuring our bestselling Eye2Eye (in a choice of 28 flattering shades) and our limited edition Lash2Lash mascara, this eye-enhancing power couple is guaranteed to brighten even the busiest of mornings.

For the skincare lover

Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they come in shiny Trinny London packaging. Created for skin that’s lost its oomph, our Ageless Skin Superheroes set includes a powerful, youth-boosting routine: Be Your Best 19ml, our enzyme balm cleanser, Bounce Back 15ml, our intense peptide moisturiser and a full-size Overnight Sensation, our powerful retinal+ serum. Better yet, this transformative trio comes complete with The Kensington Clutch, our limited edition platinum bag.

If excess shine and breakouts are their biggest bugbears, our Clear Skin Superheroes set is sure to impress. Featuring Better Off 19ml, our AHA/PHA gel cleanser, Energise Me 15ml, our niacinamide moisturiser, a full-size Overnight Clarity, our retinal/niacinamide serum, and The Kensington Clutch, this set makes sure every day is a great skin day.

For the real skincare pros on your list, our Let It Glow Skin set contains our radiance-boosting dream team to help brighten every morning. Boost Up, our full-sized 30% vitamin C serum, is perfect for experienced skincare users dreaming of glowing skin. Bounce Back 15ml, our intense peptide moisturiser, will moisturise and boost their skin’s resilience, and The Kensington Clutch will be their go-to accessory for the party season and beyond.

Worth $50
Makeup Gift Set
Bright-Eyed Set

Lash2Lash and Eye2Eye for an effortless eye look in seconds


Worth $144

Overnight Sensation, Be Your Best 19ml, Bounce Back 15ml and The Kensington Clutch


Worth $118
Skincare Gift Set
Let It Glow Skin Set

Boost Up, Bounce Back 15ml and The Kensington Clutch for radiant, bouncy skin


Worth $127

Overnight Clarity, Better Off 19ml, Energise Me 15ml and The Kensington Clutch


For the one who wants to glow

The perfect gift for makeup beginners and aficionados alike, Trinny’s Good To Glow set features three glow-giving must-haves. Our bestselling Sheer Shimmer adds instant luminosity to lips and cheeks, and BFF De-Stress helps to soothe stressed-out complexions on the brink, while providing fresh, radiant coverage. Finally, our limited edition Lash2Lash mascara helps to amplify length and volume for full, fluttery lashes.

The foundation of any fabulous routine, Trinny’s Daily Essentials set contains her everyday staples to help recreate her signature glow. This show-stopping set includes Be Your Best 19ml, our enzyme balm cleanser, Bounce Back 15ml, our intense peptide moisturiser, our bestselling Miracle Blur lip and line filler and BFF De-Stress tinted serum.

For the skincare starters

Know someone who’s ready to up the ante with their skincare, or want to introduce them to your favourites? Our Plump Up Your Skin set stars two of our peptide-powered staples, Bounce Back 15ml, our intense peptide moisturiser, and Plump Up, our full-size peptide+ HA serum, both housed in The Kensington Clutch. Our Miracle Skin set contains Bounce Back 15ml, our intense peptide moisturiser, and Miracle Blur – this duo is nothing short of a miracle.

Worth $113

Sheer Shimmer, BFF De-Stress and Lash2Lash for an everyday glow


Worth $138
Trinny’s Daily Essentials Set

Miracle Blur, BFF De-Stress, Be Your Best 19ml and Bounce Back 15ml


Worth $118
Skincare Gift Set
Plump Up Your Skin Set

Plump Up, Bounce Back 15ml and The Kensington Clutch for bouncy, plump skin


Worth $64
Miracle Skin

Miracle Blur and Bounce Back 14.5ml for ageless, bouncy skin


For the makeup minimalist

For the one who likes to keep it simple, Trinny’s Bare-faced Beauty set has them covered. This joyful set includes a full-sized Be Your Best, our nourishing enzyme balm cleanser, Lash2Lash mascara and Lip Glow, our next-generation lip gloss available in 11 uplifting shades.

For someone extra special (and that includes you)

For the person who has lit up your year and deserves something truly special, return the love with Trinny’s Takeover set. A whole routine in one fell swoop, our biggest gift set is full to the brim with Trinny’s makeup favourites. Starring BFF De-Stress, BFF Eye, Eye2Eye, Lip2Cheek, Lash2Brow and The T-Brush set, this showstopping gift is truly set to impress.

For the one who has everything

Not sure what’s on their list? Give the gift of choice with a Trinny London virtual gift card. Using their unique code, they can choose their own must-haves from our collection (and you can revel in the knowledge that you’re a great gift-giver).

Need a little more inspiration? Book a one-to-one appointment with our talented Pro Makeup Artists for personalised gifting guidance. Simply upload a picture of your loved one and we will complete their Match2Me to find their perfect shades and the ultimate gift.

Worth $92
Trinny’s Bare-Faced Beauty Set

Be Your Best, Lash2Lash and Lip Glow for an effortless routine


Worth $275

T-Brush Set, Lash2Brow, BFF De-Stress, BFF Eye, Lip2Cheek and Eye2Eye


Worth $103
Makeup Brushes Set
T-Brush Set

All three of our essential T-Brushes in a chic beauty bag worth $20


12 shades
Tinted Serum
BFF De-Stress

Radiant coverage for stressed skin in need of a boost