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I always found doing eye makeup really complicated, so I wanted to create a collection of products that would make it incredibly easy to create an impactful look
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Easy-to-use, cream-based eye shades

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Ultra-creamy, smudge-proof eyeliner

Smoky Eye
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Smoky Eye

Lip2Cheek, Sheer Shimmer and two shades of Eye2Eye. For an effortless smoky eye.

3-in-1 Brush Set


Portable, stackable, travelling 3-in-1 brush set


How to apply cream eyeshadow

Applying cream eyeshadow is a walk in the park, here’s our expert-approved step-by-step…

  1. To create a light wash of colour, pat a small amount of Eye2Eye onto your eyelid and blend outwards – you can use your finger or our Conceal/Eye Contour T-Brush. If you want to dial up your look, take a second Eye2Eye shade and blend it into your crease.

  2. For an effortless statement, apply Eyetallics to the lid with your finger using small strokes. If you want a more intense look, gently tap on more colour to build up the pigment and create an even bolder metallic finish.

  3. To line your eyes, take a darker eye shade onto the liner brush in the T-Kit and create a smooth line above your lashes, straight line start in the middle and work outwards to the end of your lash line.

How to apply Lash2Brow

Want to know how to transform your lashes and brows in the blink of an eye? It’s easier than you think…

  1. Brush the wand through your upper lashes, coating them from root to tip. Then, use the end of the wand to wiggle the mascara through your lower lashes. For extra oomph, add a second coat.

  2. With the brow gel, start at the outer end of your brow and brush the wand backwards through your brows to coat every hair and add volume. Then brush the wand upwards in short sweeping motions for an eye-opening lifted effect.


Your eye FAQs

Cream eyeshadow has a rich, buttery formula compared to their traditional powdered cousins. They’re super easy to apply (with your fingers or a brush) and blend effortlessly, so you can create any eye look in next to no time

Cream-based eyeshadows glide effortlessly onto your eyelids and blend easily, meaning there’s no tugging or pulling at your lids and you can easily build intensity. Better yet, you don’t need to worry about any powdery fallout ruining the rest of your look and any mishaps are easy to buff away.

That’s up to you! Some people prefer to mix it up and use their fingers for a speedy wash of colour across their lids and a brush for more precise moments. We suggest you try both techniques and find out what works best for you.

Many people’s desert-island beauty essential, mascara transforms your lashes, boosting length and volume to create instant impact and draw attention to your eyes.

A tinted brow gel defines your brows, taming any stubborn hairs while adding texture and filling in any gaps – it’s the ultimate face framer.

Whether you’re looking for a flattering new eyeshadow or the perfect tinted brow gel, our handy Match2Me tool can help you find your perfect match. Simply complete your profile by answering a few simple questions and we’ll share your most complementary shades based on your skin, hair and eye colours.

Eye2Eye is our collection of moisture-enriched, cream-based eyeshadows and liners, available in matte and shimmering shades. Eyetallics are our metallic eye shades developed to deliver maximum payoff with minimal effort – when you want to create a statement, these are your go-to.

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