6 clever ways to minimise your pores

Ah, pores. These tiny dots serve an important purpose, channeling oil to keep our skin soft and comfortable. But for most of us, it’s how they look, as opposed to what they’re doing, that gets our attention.

Large pores are a common skincare gripe

Before we get into the business of how to minimise pores to make them less visible, it’s worth noting that no one else is looking at your skin through a magnifying glass. Zoomed-in bathroom mirrors have a lot to answer for when it comes to perceived skin flaws.

We all have pores, and unfortunately, (despite what some brands might want you to believe) it isn’t possible to make them smaller or remove them as they play a key role in skin health. But there are ways to make them less noticeable.

How to minimise pores

1. Cleanse properly

Taking the time to wash your face properly with a cleanser and lukewarm water can make a huge difference to the appearance of your pores – especially when compared to a quick swipe with a makeup wipe. At night, double cleanse to first remove makeup and daily grime, before getting into the nitty gritty with your second cleanse and giving your pores a thorough clean.

2. Invest in a liquid exfoliant

Some of the most common answers to the question of how to minimise pores can actually do more harm than good. Scrubbing at your pores, attacking them with tools and ripping at them with masks is never a clever idea, and can actually make them more prominent. What you can do to give them a proper clear out is use a liquid exfoliant. Salicylic acid, a commonly used beta hydroxy acid (BHA for short) is oil soluble, which allows it to travel into the pores and unglue old, potentially clogging skin cells. Liquid exfoliants can just be smoothed on – no scrubbing required.

3. Wear SPF

Think of collagen as the scaffolding of the skin, keeping everything in place. As we age, the levels of collagen in our skin start to deplete, with the scaffolding becoming less sturdy than it once was. Skin loses its fullness and structure, meaning pores become slackened and appear larger. Wearing a daily SPF of at least factor 30 will help prevent the premature breakdown of collagen, slowing down this process.

4. Get to grips with retinoids

Just as wearing SPF will stop our existing collagen from breaking down too soon, using a retinoid (the family of ingredients that includes retinol and retinal) will help encourage skin to make more of the good stuff. Retinals have antibacterial properties too, so will lend a helping hand in preventing your pores from becoming clogged. Retinoids are strong ingredients, so introduce them to your routine slowly to reduce the risk of irritation.

5. Blur with makeup

Our secret to less visible pores? Trinny London Miracle Blur. A pot of translucent trickery, think of it like polyfilla for your pores – evening out the dips to create a smooth, even surface on those pesky pitted areas. It’s silicone based, which means it feels silky on the skin, with a good amount of grip. Warm between your fingers and press into the areas you want to disguise.

6. Add a bold lip

Ok, ok, we know that when it comes to the question of how to minimise pores, putting on a bright lip colour won’t have any effect whatsoever. But what it will do is steal focus, bringing all of the attention to your lips instead. Bright lipstick will also boost your mood, lift your complexion and distract from tired eyes as well. Pores, what pores?

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